What is Asian Handicap betting?

While such betting type as 1x2 is still one of the most popular ways to gamble, there are many other opportunities that you may find appealing if you are a seasoned gambler.

One of those opportunities is the Asian Handicap. Let us explain the nuances of betting on it, as well as the benefits of such betting.

What is Asian Handicap?

Handicap betting should be taken into account when one team has obviously much better quality and is expected to win by quite a margin of goals or points. This should be properly analyzed and the analysis is usually influenced by such factors as the advantage of home ground, availability of key players (as there can be injuries and suspensions), the difference in the financial strength, the latest form of the teams and, what is also important, the performance between the teams throughout history.

Those factors are assessed by both bookmakers and players and determine the odds of winning for each team. So, depending on what team is expected to win or to lose, there can surely be quite a difference and it can be rather big. If one team is expected to win, the odds on it can be very small, so the returns are usually very small if we speak about the usual 1x2 markets.

Asian Handicap is designed to remove the difference in teams’ abilities, level them and also present in such a way when the draw possibility is totally removed. This leads to better odds and better potential earnings.

In reality, it results in the application of a certain handicap of goals to a team. This handicap can be with minus and plus sign. Minus sign is used when the team is considered to be a favorite, while the plus sign is used when we speak about an underdog.

What is level Asian handicap?

If the teams that play are relative of the same level, this type of handicap is used - the game is started with 0 handicaps, so in fact, you just bet on who will win the game. However, it is still different from the 1x2 variant, because the usual draw is excluded from possible variants. This means that in case of the draw the stake will be returned to you. Actually, it looks the same as Draw No Bet variant.

Let us check all the possible results from the level of Asian Handicap.

Handicap = 0

The team should win the match if you wish your bet to come through. In case of loss of the team you will lose as well, but if the result is a draw, the bet is just refunded, i.e. returned with coefficient 1.

What is a single Asian Handicap?

When we speak about a single Asian Handicap, it is necessary to note that it is good when we expect full domination of one team and there is a solid difference. Under such circumstances, the better team is applied a goal handicap to make both teams approximately level. This way the team can start with different handicaps that we will learn just below.

Let’s see what exactly this means with examples.

If Team gets -0.5 handicap, you will win if it wins and you will fail if it draws or loses. It works quite the opposite way for the second team that automatically gets a +0.5 handicap. If it wins or draws, you will win, but you will fail if the match is lost.

For -1/+1 handicap the favorite team needs to score at least 2 goals more than its opponent. If the margin consists of a single goal, your bet will be returned, if it draws or loses, there will be a money loss for you. The opposite team should make a draw or win in order for stake to go through. If it loses by one, you will get refunded and if it loses by 2 or more goals, the bet will be lost.

This is not the only way to apply this kind of handicap and it is time to speak about split Asian Handicap.

What is split Asian Handicap?

Split handicap is usually used when there is a difference between teams but is not that striking. Split handicap allows you to spread your stake between two handicaps on a certain team. The handicaps look like 0 & -0.5, -0.5 & -1, -1 and -1.5 and so on.

This may sound complex, but in reality, it is not that hard to understand. Let us see the detailed examples.

Imagine that the team has an advantage of 0 & -0.5. To win the stake you will need the team to win. If the team draws, you will lose the only ½ of the stake. In case the team loses, you will lose your money as well. The opposite team, as you can easily guess, has the 0 & +0.5 handicap. So if it wins, the bet is won, if it draws, you will win the only ½ of bet and if it loses, the stake will be lost.

What are the benefits of such betting?

Handicaps can be well with in-play when you just react to what you see on the pitch, and it is also effective as a pre-match bet.

Even if your team suffers a loss, you can still win or at least the bet will be returned, this minimizes the opportunity of loss.

Many professionals choose Asian Handicap, and this shows that such bets have more value.

The margins are lower because the draw is removed, so over time, you can expect better earnings.

Since the difference between teams is removed by handicap, you get better value for strong favorite teams.