What is a Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT)?

The ultimate score of a sports game is not a single way to get profitable earnings from the backing play. HT/FT wagers enable you to stake—and certainly, hopefully, win — if you can accurately foretell which team will succeed at half-time, along with which club is going to be the eventual victor of the match.

What is a Half-Time/Full-Time Wager?

HT/FT lasts the fixed ninety minutes, which means additional time with penalties is left out. This type of wager is included in the double stakes grouping, which implies you should guess equally the half-time standing as well as the ultimate score accurately to be able to win. That is why; the odds are considerably higher, too.

Suppose there is a forthcoming football game in which you are certain that at the interval, one club will be winning, yet you are assured that the ultimate result will finish in a draw. Let us say, Leeds, might be performing better at half-time, with the Newcastle team evening the score in regulation time. In this type of situation, you can wager for Leeds winning following the first half and the next a draw at full-time. The chances might be greater, typically nearly 16/1 (17.0 in fractional) for the match to culminate with a draw. This tells you could get a big income if you stake HT/FT.

Sporting and Alternatives of HT/FT

HT/FT can be applied in any type of game that can be separated into two equivalent parts like football or rugby. Thus, it bids nine likely outcomes (check out the following illustration). Ice hockey is exclusion, it consists of three stages. Yet, it is a game, which offers this kind of wager (27 likely results).

HT/FT Odds and Illustration

The HT/FT wagers’ chances are bigger than conventional 1x2 odds. To illustrate, let us check out this model of Bet365 – Hertha BFC versus FC Bayern. The outcome chances (FT) are 1.40 for FC Bayern, so the club is the definite frontrunner.


Hertha BSC 10.00 | D 4.33 | FC Bayern 1.40

However, the potential probabilities are so minor that it will not be worth even staking. Nevertheless, imagine you monitored the German Bundesliga matches this period and you detected that in the previous 10 matches or so, Munich regularly terminates the initial half of the game with the figures 0:0, but succeeds to kick a goal or above near the culmination of the match.


Draw - Hertha BSC 21.00 | D - D 6.50 | D – FC Bayern 3.60

Bayern - Hertha BSC 67.00 | FC Bayern - D 19.00 | Bayern FC –Bayern FC 2.05

Having analyzed Bet365 bid for HT/FT stake, it can be seen that an HT draw and a total victory for FC Bayern shows a figure 3.60 - a considerably decent offer. If you wish to gamble safely, you may also gamble over one HT/FT stake.

FC Bayern - FC Bayern 2.05

D - FC Bayern 3.60

This blend can be a money-making tactic for fixtures with apparent winners, owing to the increased odds of HT/FT bids.

An additional tactic is wagering lesser quantities on choices with high odds that you think are expected to take place. In this specific case, the game Hertha BSC – Bayern FC on 18th February resulted in 1:1 (1:0 | 1:1). In case you had a stake 10 on this option, your profits could be 210.

Obviously, using any type of bookmaking, you are supposing a venture, yet in this instance of HT/FT wagers, you will possibly turn out a gainer!