Total (over/under) betting in sports

To be a good player in betting and to make the most from the bookmaker lines you need to fully understand not only the bets when some team wins or draws but the rest of them to find the best offer and put money on it.

Odds that are predicting the draw or which team will win are sometimes not appealing, as it may be hard to predict the outcome and the bet you place may be very inaccurate. In this case, you might consider thinking about betting on “over” or “under” betting. So let us dig deeper into what under or over betting means and how it works.

What is under/over betting?

It’s rather easy to make use of under/over betting lines. In fact, this is a bet on the amount of something, such as points, goals or other countable sports events within a contest. The reference level of points is known as total and is added to the line. In most cases when we speak about the total, we mean that it is applied to both teams, however, bookmakers may have totals for a single team also. Usually such under/over betting lines are available for pre-match betting as well as in-play bets.

By the way, even if you are not thinking about betting on this line, you should consider to analyze it still as it may give you an insight into what bookmakers think about the game. And of course, if you are into such bets, you need to process them to understand whether it is good to put money on it.

As we have said earlier, there is a total for both team and odds for over and under. Let’s imagine we speak about total goals scored in a single game by both teams. If you think that the score will be high in a game, actually higher than a total set by bookmakers, you can choose “over”. And opposite, you should choose “under” if you believe the game will be evolving rather slow and there won’t be enough goals to meet the total.

Let’s see this on the example. Let’s imagine you want to bet on the match of English Premier League between Arsenal and Chelsea. Bookmakers say the total number of goals in the match is 3,5. But what does it actually mean? This means that there is over and under for this total and you must think of it as of “Total under” and “Total over”. So actually you need to decide whether the overall goals result within the game will be more or less than 3,5. In case you bet on “over” and the number of goals is 3, you will lose since 3 is lower than 3,5. You would need 4 goals scored or more in order to win the total goals over bet.

Why is the fraction used here?

Really, with some bookmakers and lines, you can see total not as a fraction but as an integer. Imagine that the “total under” in the abovementioned game is 3. This will mean you will need exactly lower value for goals, such as 0, 1 or 2 to win the bet. If there are 3 goals, however, you are safe, as your bet will be just returned.

It is rather simple and there are such betting lines on any sport you might imagine and not only for total points or goals scored.

Why should one consider betting on “under” or “over”?

Such betting is a good variant for seasoned players since the outcome can be predicted much easier than if you try to predict the winner of such a game. Imagine that you know that both teams in the event just love offense and score many goals. It’s highly likely that you win with “total over” bet, while it may be very hard to predict the winner of the game. Of course, there are lots of additional information to consider in analysis and it may not work in all times, but still, it is something that should be thought of.

Where is over/under betting applied?

Actually over/under is rather popular with bookmakers and can be applied not only for the total of the whole game. Such bets may be offered for quarters and halves of the games, and this makes your possibilities of choice much wider. Always check what your bookmaker offers.

Influence of occasion

Over/under outcome may be influenced by some big occasion. The more important the match, the better players there will be on the pitch, so the more precise prediction could be made. In the final of some competition, teams are usually cautious, so you might not see as many goals between them as in the regular game where they participate. You should consider and analyze it when choosing the correct line.

Is there anything bad about over/under betting?

In fact, there is nothing bad about this kind of betting. You just need to be careful and properly analyze what is going on. Always try to put money on a bet that you consider safe. The outcome may be influenced a lot by some external factors, such as weather. In fact, this is the factor that may influence the total points and goals in the game easily.

You cannot predict the weather in advance and if it is too windy or heavy rain is going on, the total goals or points in the game may not be the one you expect. The most affected sports in this regard are soccer, baseball, and American football, so you should check the forecast if available.