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Bet1128 has the mark of Malta, that is the birthplace of the major european bookmakers. Although the website in question is born recently, it made quickly success, thanks to the fact that Bet1128 is a restyling of an old brand, little known but in the field for a long period. Today we want write an editorial with a review about Bet1128 to give our opinion about this bookmaker.

BET1128 Betting Review

After trying this bookmaker, I am satisfied: the section on sports betting is really very big, probably one of the biggest I’ve ever met on the market. Moreover, what I found very interesting, is the fact that Bet1128 can offer a wide variety of sports and, of course, all the italian leagues and you can place a bet on Series D. We have to underline that very few bookmakers offer this option.

On Bet1128 you can bet a minimum of 0.20 cents and any winning will be immediately available, after the end of the event, and it will be ready for reuse. Therefore, you will not have to wait to return to bet with the amount that you won.

Continuing with the Bet1128’s review, we can say that there is the possibility to bet on so many sports: infact, it is possible to bet on basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, volleyball, rugby, cycling, boxing, football and many others. In short, we can say that this brand can to cover the sector at 360 degree.

On Bet1128 there are the possibility of live betting and there is the great chance to bet on many sports events live.

Bet1128 also offers the chance to play on mobile device and for this reason there are applications for Android, Apple and even for Windows Phone. In short, we can notice that the app is available for all existing mobile platforms and is simple to use.

For those who are mistrustful about internet, we have to underline that you can also bet in Bet1128‘s agencies. In fact, the brand offers several agencies where you can play physically, although, we have to say it, the odds online are much cheaper.

BET1128 Welcome Bonus Betting

The welcome bonus of Bet1128 is very inviting, with a simple registration and filling out a form, you can receive a bonus equal to 100% of the amount betted on multiple options. We have to underline that, unfortunately,this bonus is applicable only after four bets. Sign up now and get your bonus.

If this may be a disadvantage, we have to say that Bet1128 offers the best bonus on the market, because there is no limit for bonus bet and this is, without doubt, one of the best advantages that a player can find in a bookmaker.

But Bet1128 welcome bonus is just the beginning, because there are several coupons that can be used during the various sessions of bets!!! To discover the various promotions, you can just click and enter in its relative promotion category of the sports section. Here you will find all active bonuses and how you can exploit them during the game.

BET1128 Payments and Withdrawal

On Bet1128 you can pay money and receive money in three different currencies:

  • Sterling
  • Euro
  • Dollar.

Thanks to origin country  and thanks to the interest we have, we can choose the appropriate currency.

The various accounts accepted are:

  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Credit Cards and Debt (Postepay included)
  • Bank transfer.
  • For the moment it is not accepted Paypal.

This is my personal review of Bet1128 site, I hope it was helpful: Register now to this bookmaker.

BET1128 Customer Service Review

The Customer Serviceof Bet1128 is really effective and prompt. You can ask for assistence in chat, or the classic email. Alternatively, the bookmaker also offers a Skype service to speak with an operator directly, through the Microsoft program.

In my opinion, the live chat is very important in a betting site, because, in case of problems with the live shows, you can solve problems faster and without having to call, wait for the first available operator and waste your time to explain everything.

The  Bet1128 website and customer support isvailable in several languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Romanian
  • Greek

The staff of the portal is very competent and able to solve problems in a timely manner.

You can have a direct access to the and you find the link in the left column of the site, always available. The site’s operators are available at night too and, thanks to this solution, Bet1128 can offer assistance 24 hours 24.

If you don’t want to use the chat, you find an icon of a postal envelope, and clicking on it you can send an email directly to customer support. If you click on the phone, the like is with the page where you can find all the contacts and information, also to call via Skype.

BET1128 Casino, Bingo and Poker

This new brand offers not only a betting section but also two valid sections of poker and casino, where you can find everything you need.

The poker section on Bet1128 is very interesting and the welcome bonus is very high and it is equal to 100% of the amount paid for a maximum of 500 euro. To entice you to play, there so many promotions, including the winnings at the table that I found very interesting. It is, in practice, a bonus of  € 100 if you keep winning at the same table and this sum can spend it as you like…but it is not enough because if you win with a pair of aces, the bonus will be 200 €!

In the section poker on Bet1128, you can play both tournaments and at the cash tables, from a minimum of 0.50 euro cents, up to a maximum of 100 euro. Finally, based on the amount spent each month, you will receive some points that you can use to sign up for online poker tournaments.

Click here to sign up and get the bonus.

The section Casino of Bet1128 is divided into three main sections:

  1. Ace Casino
  2. Queen Casino
  3. Jack Casino.

In the section Online games there are more than 500 slot machines such as roulette, baccarat, scratch cards, blackjack and video poker. The advantage of this section is that the jackpots are very high and not so difficult to win, so it is worth groped fate. If you want to subscribe and take advantage of the bonus, you can do it through this link: Bonus Bet1128 Casino.

Finally, Section Bingo, which is nothing but a kind of virtual bingo, leads many players to Bet1128. The truth is that the service and the prizes offered are very interesting and this bookmaker offers the possibility to choose their own numbers that will composing the folder you want to play. This feature is called Bingo Plus and it is one of the exclusive of Bet1128.

The prizes are obviously internal, quadruplet, fives and bingo!