Major League Baseball Opening Day is the best moment to announce our first paid service

Major League Baseball season is about to begin and we are excited to announce our fist paid service. You might have guessed that it’s related with baseball and you are completely right.

Over the past two years we gathered a lot of statistics for MLB and more specific for the chance of having Under or Over 1.5 runs in the first inning of each game. The analysis of the data proved that the predictions are profitable and the hit rate is 75%. Of course, this number could be higher, if we apply some additional “filters”, but overall we think it’s worth to try our system.

Now to the point — we took a decision to offer a paid subscription for MLB games. All subscribed users will get an email with the daily matches, where we will provide in addition the chance (in percents) particular game to finish Under 1.5 runs in the first inning.

» Example:

Chicago Cubs – Chicago White Sox
Under 1.5 Runs in 1st Inning: 77%

We will provide, in most cases, more than one game and basically you will get all games where the chance is bigger than 70%. The decision which one to include into your bet slip is totally yours — our goal is to provide you the needed statistical information, which would help you when selecting your matches.

We will offer three subscription packages:

  • Week: 9.90 $ – covers all matches within 7 days
  • Month: 29.90 $ – covers all matches within 30 days
  • Year: 149.90 $ – covers all matches during the season

If you are interested, please write us to sales @ and we will provide you information about the payment options. Of course, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hint: According to our statistics, the chance of having Under 1.5 Runs in 1st Inning, in the first game this season between Cubs and Cardinals, is 83%. It’s good chance, isn’t it?

» Here are the results from yesterday’s baseball games