International matches are always intriguing

Today we will have the first portion of the EURO 2016 Qualification’s games and I guess all of us are wondering whether we can get some value from those intriguing matchups. All games will be played at the same time and maybe for the tv fans, it is not the best schedule. Anymway, we are here to comment the possible chances of getting some value from those matches.We’ve noticed that there are 3 matches, which are very popular among all bettors arround the world and of course their odds are already dropping – FYR Macedonia, Monetenegro and Spain. Obviously those are public bets for today and maybe it is not a good idea to include the whole three of them in your tickets. Of course you have other option here and it is related with picking some alternvative bets, not the public ones.

Here are some of the matches, which we think are good enough to try:

» Goals
Belarus vs. Ukraine, Over 1.5
Sweden vs. Rusia, Under 3.5
FYR Macedonia vs. Luxembourg, Over 1.5