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Football Betting Tips: Bankroll Management

renato February 17, 2016 at 11:07 Blog Comments Off on Football Betting Tips: Bankroll Management
Football Betting Tips: Bankroll Management

Even in the field of betting, as well as in many other situations, you need  to have a concrete plane of what are your objectives to prefix, before starting a project. This article was written, studied and inserted in a rubric on football betting tips, just because it aims to analyze the techniques and the systems for proper management or, at least, it is very useful for football betting.

The key that every player should study is the bankroll management, that is the most important thing to analyze before starting any project and before investing some money.

For example, in online poker the bankroll management comes first of all, because the player must base his investment on it. This is the best thing that a player can both in terms of return and both in terms of tilt. The situation that is attributed as tilt is when someone is in a stage where he is losting or he has a losing steak that sent him into tilt.

The situation called as Tilt is the worst that a gambler can have because it is that time, indefinite time, in which player wants to have a  revenge and promptly lost his temper, losing everything.

My son, I’m not sorry you lost, but because you want a revenge (cit.)

There are also some books about how to deal with a loss or a defeat, but this will not be the article in which we speak about it again. We don’t speak about the tilt, but player, you have to know it and you have to stay away from it.

Back in topic, here there is a kind of bankroll management for those who like to gamble every day, creating real profits (small profits) with bets.

Football betting tips: only single and low shares

Who bets every day and concentrate his attention on single or multiple low shares, is surely a big punter, with some experience. There is no doubt that he tried on his skin the famous bed sheets such as infinite wrong multiple for a game with, perhaps, a classic goal  at 90′ plus six recovery.

So, the bankroll management that we suggest for those who love the sinlge low share type is the bet according to a stake, reserved for a given bet.

One moment, of what are you talking about?

Read it and you will understand. The betting stake is the percentage, usually measured in tenths or cents, that one attaches like bet type.

For example, if you have 100 Euro to spend on gambling, the first step is to calculate teh 5% of the capital you have: so, the investment to do for a single bet in 5 euro, if you have a total of 100 euro.

The second step is to assign, as a maximum stake (10/10 or 100%) the sum you decided, 5 euro for example.

Therefore, if there is a game or a particular event that we like, we are going to focus our stake 10/10, 5 euro as in the example. If a game doesn’t convince us, we are to focus one balanced stake, in order to how much we like the game.

A complete example, bankroll: 100 Euro.

Game one: team a vs team b= 1 as result. We like a lot the game and, for that reason, we rely one stake to 10/10, or 5 euro (5% of the budget).

Game two: team c vs team e= 2 as result. We like it less, and so we rely one stake to 10/8 or, in this specific case, the 80% of 5 euro, that is 4 euro in total.

And so on. You have to consider that the percentage of the stake up to 100%, or 10/10, varies with the capital! If we started with 100 € and after a while, for example, we have 150 euro, our stake will not be 10/10 5 EUR (5% of 100 euro) but it will be 5% to EUR 150, or 7 ,5 euros.

Is it clear? If you don’t understand something, please comment below.

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