Flawless day for our team

Our team left behind one amazing Sunday with 5 winning predictions — Banker TIP, Single TIP and three Combo TIPs. The numbers are even more impressive: +133.00 units.

After a few bad days, our team bounce back with those 5 winning predictions and we hope this flawless day will retain the loyalty of our true followers. I guess we all perfectly know, that it’s long way to go and most important thing is to have possitive balance for a long period rather than a day, a week or a couple of weeks. We hope that most of our users took into consideration our most valuable prediction — the Banker TIP — and gained some good profits, because this time the rate was good enough — 1.63.

Plus, we are happy that the 2nd most valuable predictions provided by us is back on track covering the LA Kings 5:2 win over COB Blue Jackets. And we are glad that we’ve managed to provide 3 winning Combo TIPs, because we all know how hard is to win combinations — more selections, bigger chance for something to go wrong.

Here are the predictions from yesterday: Sunday 26th, October, 2014