Betting Systems: the best two about football and online sports betting

And here there is our first article for the new portal Insidebet (TopBetting) that is a detailed analysis of what could be the best two systems for football betting. But, before talking about what could be the best two systems for sports betting, online and offline, we want to specify that betting online is, and must remain, only a game, a way to bet must remain , for all time, and only just a game , a diversion or a moment to groped fortune, even if these methods can be used to increase our chances to win!

1 Betting System: The professional

This is an ancient and efficient method and, above all, one of those that help to have continuity in their winnings. Having a game system that points more on the continuity and less on the consistency is one of the best advice that a player can have when he is betting. This method is very simple, and to play it we need a bankroll (a sum to invest in betting). The player has to balance the bets that he is going to do considering the bankroll in question. The first step of a winning system is the bankroll management. In this method, we recommend playing the 3% of the capital invested in any single bet. In this case, our bets are directional for single or multiple predictions, for a maximum share of 2 euro.

Are you telling me to play a single bet with a share of 2 euro?

Yes! The professional gambler, or who wants to be such a professional gambler, is the kind of player who can play few games but with the maximum profit.

Okay, now that we understand that you have to pley low stakes, how can we choose them?

Simple! We must keep in line with the time, try to follow it and to follow the formations, the states of form and, first of all, the previous results of the two teams. History can teach that who wins he wins and wins again and who losts can lost again. It must be said that it is impossible to do a taboo of this legend, even if it is very important to consider the precedents of the two teams that you are observing and this is valido for Soccer, Basketball and so on: when you have to bet, you have to focus the most common results of the two teams.

The bet must be of the 3% of the capital and of the total budget that you have in the game account on the online site you choose for betting online.

» Example:

Bankroll: 100 euro

Game choose: Sassuolo-Lazio bet on 2, share 2.00

Betting Systems

Why? Let we see the previous results:

As we can observe, Sassuolo comes from a negative period, with only a win against Inter. For the Lazio team the story is different: 2 defeats crowned by a series of 2 important wins, obtained in the last two matches. So, the previous results of the two teams are in favor of Lazio, that in the last three games against Sassuolo has two wins and a draw. The most feasible outcome of this match is 2, which, in this case, we will promptly charged.
The bet to do, on a bankroll of 100 euro, would be of 3 euro (the 3%) and would allow us to double down the bet.

“Now, you will say: this step is too slow to earn something!”

This answer, more than acceptable, is contradictory. Why? Because, if you are looking for a winning bet you have to consider that this method can be harmful! In a single bet you will gain a 3% on your bankroll that is a sum that every bank doesn’t give you. Are you still sure that it is few for a single bet?

2 Betting System: the multiple that count

This is betting system very different from the other one, but this is also a very goodsystem if you want to try to win. This system, very simply, is designed to play and mate more games or events in a usual ticket and then with multiple bet. A study done in 2014 on all football matches, has shown that the home team starts with a plus on the visiting team and in the beyond 72% of cases, a football match ends successfully 1.

This statistic can be true but also wrong, because it contains all the football matches played on all championships,world cups and friendly matches, and so you have to give due weight and importance, but it remains a fact that suggests that the home team is always most advantaged than the guests.

How it develops, therefore, the system of football Multiple that count?

You have to take into account in the schedule, only games where the home team has a share of between the proportion of 1:55 and 1.65 and study their formations, statistics and were in shape. After doing their own personal choice of form, previous and so on, we select a maximum of 8 games and slaved in a single system with multiple error correction and, therefore, makes us win even if a home team fails result.

If you do not know how to make a system error correction, it is very simple and you can just open a new account online bookmaker and compose your own multiple, and, later, click on System and select 7/8 and 8/8 (that would be the integral multiple) and play according to your budget and possibilities. Note that this site offers betting for all new members of the portal giving an amazing welcome bonus up to € 100 on your deposit. Suppose we paid 100 euro, now receive €100 bonus to play.

Develop a multiple of 8 bets with average share of 1.60 would be to have a share in total multiplier of about 45 euro, is not that great ?

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