Banker TIP 09.02.2012 (Won)

Football Brazil Carioca



INFO: Flamengo will be monster this year in Brazil after they managed to sign Vagner Love. With players like Ronaldinho (captain), Deivid, Renato and Vagner Love Flamengo will look for a strong start of the season. The fans were not to be disappointed when Flamengo ran out 2–0 winners of Real Potosi and managed to qualify for the Copa Libertadores group stage. One day after the win Flamengo played with Olaria but in this match star players didn’t contribute because of the Copa Libertadores match. Today for sure they will contribute and I expect one easy win for Flamengo. If they want a spot in the semifinals, this game is crucial for Flamengo, and most importantly, Flamengo will use the first team. The Brazilian grand has registered 1 win and 3 draws from the start of the Carioca Championship but in these matche they have used second team. I think today they will be more focused after they managed to qualify for the Copa Libertadores group stage. Flamengo has new coach in charge after Vanderley Luxembourg was fired. Joel Santana is the new coach and the good news is that all players welcomed his signing. In addition Madureira  have registered 2 defeats from 2 matches in away games even they played with weaker teams like Olaria (2-1) and Bonsucesso (3-1). Generally Madureira hasn’t shown quality so far. I think Madureira haven’t enough potential to oppose Flamengo and I hope after yesterday’s 1 point lose (Unics) today we will make some fresh cash. GL