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Banker TIP 09.08.2012 (Won)

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Banker TIP 09.08.2012 (Won)
23:00 Mirnyi/Nestor v Fognini/Monaco 1 1.22  

There is no doubt that Mirnyi / Nestor are better players than Fognini/Monaco. After Mirnyi /Nestor went to the first position in the ATP Doubles Rankings I think they will enjoy this position and will try their best to retain it. Those players have never played against each other but when we see their recent form and total matches played together we can bravely say that Mirnyi and Nestor are far more experienced than Fognini/Monaco. I found only one match where Fognini and Monaco played together on doubles. This match was before two days in the same tournament. So I think more experienced palyers who played a lot together (Mirnyi/Nestor) have big advantage in this match. GL!

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